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Coffinworm Assistance Suggestions?


Was thinking about the assistance composition for coffinworm (which i am about to start with after my current anchor is completed). My initial thought was something like the following:

Press: Chins + incline DB press
Bench: DB rows, DB flyes
Deadlift: Lounges + abwheel
Squat: Leg press + standing crunches

I didnt want to add any backraises due to the amount of squats and deadlifts in the cycles. But i have a hard time deciding on assistance choises (without going overboard with the rep count) so i would appreciate suggestions and / or illustration of what you use yourselves.

Particularly around weeks 1+2 of the Leaders I didn’t do much at all, just a few pull-aparts, face-pulls, curls. As Jim says you have to be very smart about the assistance particularly if training four days per week.

Your suggestions seem fine although I personally wouldn’t bother leg pressing in weeks 1+2, you’re already doing a lot of squatting and deadlifting on back-to-back days twice per week!

Yeah i suspect you might be right regarding the legpresses. My thought was that running the bench 5x5 would give some recoverytime for the legs before pressing. But I will evaluate how my legs cope before starting to press. Btw, I use pull-aparts but usually do not count them (just brings a band and does a couple of quick sets before i start upperbody work and adds a couple during the session when i feel like it).

Thanks for your input!

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And how they feel the following day! No worries man, enjoy!