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Coffee's Gym Video Thread


Didn't wanna spam this forum with a new post everytime we posted a video, so we'll just keep them all in here.

Here's today's training:

Edward Baker (105 kg) squat jerks 175 kgs
Rachael Bommicino (53 kg)clean and jerks 80 kgs off of the blocks
Colleena Collins (75 kg) clean and jerks 85 kgs




Rachel York doing 2 front squats and 2 jerks with 95 kg


Jordan Pepe of CrossFit CHAMP visits Coffee's, snatching 72 kg and clean & jerking 80 kg at 69 kg bodyweight


Corynne Leduc (63 kg) snatches 62 kg for three doubles
Jordan Pepe (69 kg) snatches 66 kg and clean and jerks 87.5 kg for three singles
Colleena Collins (75 kg) snatches 62.5 kgs


Yesterday, Edward Baker hit three successive PRs on the squat jerk with 180, 187.5, and 190 kg. His all time power jerk was 185, so the last jerk exceeded his all time jerk PR by 5 kilos. 190 exceeded his best squat jerk by 15 kilos.


That was sick!

Squat jerk is so cool :slightly_smiling:




If he keeps with it, Edward's gonna put up some crazy numbers.

Dude is strong as an ox!


Thanks for watching! We'll relay that to him. =]