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I know coffee is a diuretic, but is it the caffine or something else in the coffee that causes it? I want to cut back on the coffee, but I still right now I feel like I need the caffine to make it through the day. I got some caffine pills so I can regulate my caffine intake more closely and start to ween my self of it. I'm just wondering if I should expect to lose less water this way.

And what about decaf? I'm trying to have green tea instead, but sometimes I just crave a cup of joe.

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Green tea has caffeine too. Personally I don't feel it nearly as much as with coffee, but I tend to drink coffee in larger quantities than green tea.

So, if your concern is caffeine, substituting green tea will leave you with the same problem. I say, if you're not going to cut out caffeine 100%, leave some coffee in. Figure out about how much is in a cup and go by that. If you really like drinking coffee, I'm not sure I see the point of replacing it with caffeine pills. And if you are trying to wean yourself off, why not gradually reduce the amount you drink? You may not know how many mgs of caffeine you're taking in, but you must know how much coffee.



It is the caffeine that is the diuretic.

I drink coffee and green tea all day long. There have been recent studies showing that coffee is great for antioxidants as well.

Do a search on coffee and there is a post where I put an article a few months back. I lost it in a comp. crash or would post it again. I think the thread was called " Have your Coffee and Drink it 2" something along those lines.

Just my 2cc. I goota have my coffee, as well as my Green tea.

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Green tea has one-third the caffeine as drip coffee, so it's a better choice if someone wants to cut caffeine or ween off. Also remember that decaf coffee has some caffeine, but only like 5mg.


I forgot what all was in the article myself so I looked the thread up. Here is the breifs of the article and a link to the original thread.

In short coffee in high doses=

increase insulin sensitivity
greater atheletic performance/endurance
decline in diabetes
reduces risk of colon cancer
" " parkinsons (sp?)
" " liver cirrosis
" " galstones
helps asthme
" " headache
boost mood
prevents cavities

Comes from the high caffeine and antioxidants.

The thread=

Hope That Helps,