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Coffee: What's Your Drink?


I love the stuff, what kind do you drink, and how do you make it?


i drink decaf when i drink coffee at all, a little milk/cream or black if its really good coffee.

so yeah, i gave up the caffiene because it just makes my already fast metabolism go even faster, which is why you get "coffee shits" and im trying to gain weight, not lose it.


I use Caribou Coffee (Midwest chain). I grind the beans every morning and brew it in an Aeropress. I only like darker roast varieties.


8 O'Clock Columbian as the daily brew. I usually make it by the cup. I would say 3 tablespoons
per mug is about right. I always try to use spring or filtered water (never tap). For some good stuff
I go for the Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kona,or the Papua New Guinea.


Chuck Norris grinds coffee beans with his teeth and he boils it up with his own rage.


I drink a shit ton of the stuff. Not really particular on what I drink, as long as it's black and strong. Will say that I have a buddy that lives in Oahu and sent me some Hawaiin coffee that was amazing. No clue what it's called though.


Kona coffee has a nice flavor, but it is weak. I prefer Italian Roast.


Cup of coffee in the morning, tea after lunch. They had a sell on dunkin donuts coffee in the grocery store and I stocked up so thatâ??s what Iâ??ve been drinking for a while.. Decent stuff.

The girlfriend has an espresso maker at her place, so I get that occasionally.

Just as a tip for all coffee drinkers, the lighter the roast the more the caffeine. Roasting lowers the caffeine content of the beans. So if you drink it for the jolt, get a lighter roast not the stronger tasting darker stuff.


I like stuff from Sumatra and Java mixed up with African sourced coffees.

I make a strong ass brew in a French press. I add some fine powdered kratom extract at the bottom of my mug, fill 3/4 with the rocket fuel, and top that motherfucker with 'wet' cappuccino'ed half and half (if I have time and want to feel like a proper tool)...


Just Coffee - 'Reanimator' is my favorite:


Brew, sometimes french press - black w/ blue agave, occasionally a bit of raw milk. Also tried the 'Bike Fuel'. Awesome flavor. Make it pretty strong. Don't measure so I'm guessing that it's double the grounds per cup.

Also drink yerba mate from time to time. Mixed those two together once and was off the wall for a while. If I get something at a Starbuck's/Caribou or local (Crazy Mocha/Beehive) usually get a dirty chai or yerba mate.


I like my coffee how I like my women....


i am yet to encounter large-breasted coffee.

but any who... heart problem... no caffeine for me. it doesn't taste good enough to bother with decaf. Power Drive + scoop of vanilla protein mixed in OJ gets my ass out the door and to the gym.


Never been a huge coffee drinker......maybe 5 cups my entire life......but I love the coffee bean isle in the market......just smelling the stuff puts me in a better mood.



I also hear that he pisses a damn fine expresso...


With your dick in it?


mmmm, white and sweet.


coffee-black and strong


Either Illy or Lavazza, although Illy is much stronger and bitter. It's damn near too strong and bitter.


So this is Italian Dark roast ??


Double espresso made with Lavazza coffee every morning and most lunch times.
Helps to keep me awake in a quiet office most of the day.

Don't know much about the Kona / Papua New Guinea stuff, but isn't the Jamaican Blue cripplingly expensive?