Coffee Snobs, I'm Here For You

Do you absolutely love coffee, splurge on it at high-end craft coffee spots, and obsess over it? Do you not mind dropping nearly $1.5K for the perfect any-time coffee machine at home? If so, this is for you. The Jura E4 takes whole beans, grounds it for it for each cup, and delivers the absolute best coffee or espresso you’ve ever had. It self cleans, is customizable, and is actually among the most affordable of the Jura machines (others have milk-added options). I’ve had it about a week, and would purchase it again in a second.


Looks cool but you lost me at $1.5k haha.

Burr grinder and French press for life haha. Hell I even get ground beans when the wife isn’t gonna have any, but we gotta do the best for the little lady ya know


Totally fair. It’s a hard pill to swallow. Prior to this, I would make pour overs on the weekend, and use Nescafe pods during the week. Plus I’d spend way too much money at the local craft coffee spots.
The price of the Jura E4 is actually only $1.3K (get two!). But in a family full of coffee snobs and a neighbor who gets me fresh roasted beans each week, it works perfectly for me.

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Yeah I could see it if I was more of a snob and less of a miser, but yikes that is a bit of sticker shock.

They also sell a $40 “macchiato glass” (aka a 9oz glass) and a $30 “coffee spoon”, so perhaps I’m just not their customer base haha.


My wife bought me a “used sample” Jura a number of years back as an anniversary gift. I was appalled by the price tag she had paid and sort of a pain in her neck about it….and I quickly forgot all about it after using everyday since. It is quite amazing how quickly the transformation from Folgers drip black to full on coffee-snob occurs but I have gladly joined your ranks.

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I will definitely stick to my hand grinder and pour overs…
I can’t justify that price on a coffee maker. But I have spent $1500 bucks on dumber crap before…

I do like the self clean feature


This is the way. If it was just me, I would go this route but I have a household of coffee snobs. That said, I’m certainly enjoying the convenience of essentially having the machine do that for me. (Plus I do like espressos as well).

So true. If never regret buying something that ends up improving my life. The price quickly slips my mind.

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I don’t drink coffee

My father told me I’d save a lot of money if I never took up the habit

Not drinking coffee gave more money to spend on cigarettes and slot machines!



I’ve been using Jura for many years and just like most of you, I thought the price was obscene when my wife brought it home. Considering, other name brand machines would stop after a year or so, that alone makes this a bargain. Jura is consistent, easy to maintain and bullet proof. I experimented with building my coffee after the base espresso and am now disappointed with coffee shops. This is one item I would not hesitate if the time came to replace it.