Coffee Pre Workout?

Do people really drink coffee as a pre-workout supplement?

Dont get me wrong, I love coffee. But before I got on this website, I had never heard of drinking coffee pre-workout.

For me it’s usually just something I drink on non lifting days. I guess it makes sense though because I’m taking NO Xplode, and I’m doubting that it’s good for anything other than a caffeine rush. I do like the feeling I have when I’ve taken NO Xplode, but it is definitely not worth 40 bucks.

If I told you noxplode is actually causing you to lose muscle will you still take it. don’t buy it again k? lol jk man but that supp is crap imo…

coffee pre-workout is cool…I’ve always stuck in the range of 200-400mg caffiene to be more than enough. don’t ask me to quote it but I read some study somewhere where some smart dood said that they found 400mg to be the cap where caffienes positive stimulant effects for a workout still outweigh the negatives such as catabolism and vaso-constriction.

I have now gotten to the point where caffiene is a ‘need be’ basis and not a ritual pre-workout. Some days life just hits you and you need the boost, go ahead and throw it in there…on days you don’t need that boost and your well rested and well fed then go without it.


Drink a pot of coffee, literally the same feeling i got when I took NO.

If I am out of, or cant afford Spike shooters at the time, i usually drink coffee.

I love coffee pre-workout. I have been using Spike tabs lately, but I occasionally go back to black coffee. Cheap and simple. I’d ditch the NO for black coffee in a heartbeat.

The only drawback is that sometimes I have a to drink a bit too much coffee to get the necessary amount of caffeine (about 400-500mg), and it can be much easier to just pop a couple of caffeine tabs on the way to the gym instead.

In the past, I’ve certainly loved my stimulants, HotRoxx being at the very top of the list. Lately though, I’ve gotten into my head the notion (too much reading) that excessive stimulant intake can actually raise cortisol levels, and promote muscle loss when dieting, so I’ve taken a little break to see how things go.

Still, I grab a cup of coffee on those afternoons whenb I’m just totally dragging my ass. We’re not talking about a 20 oz Espresso here, just a plain cup o’ joe from the corner store on my way to the gym. Not only is it a hell of alot cheaper than those NO products, but in all honesty, I never really got the impression they really did much.


I’m not trying to get on a high-horse here, but is there ANYONE else left who doesn’t rely on caffeine to get amped up before a workout anymore?

Interesting stuff. I had honestly never thought of drinking coffee right before a workout. I’ll have to start either doing that, or just get caffeine pills. Those things are so cheap. Like 5 bucks for a bottle of 200.

I’m really pissed at myself for wasting money on NO Xplode. But I’m actually on my second bottle of it, and I got this bottle super cheap from a friend who doesn’t work out. He sold it to me for 5 bucks. Anyway, might as well finish this bottle since I didn’t really pay for it.

Interesting stuff. I’d honestly never thought of drinking coffee before a workout.
I’ll have to either start doing that or get some caffeine pills. Those things are super cheap. Only like 5-10 bucks for a bottle of 200. I would probably feel just the same after a small coffee, as a NO Xplode serving.

I didn’t mean to post twice, but it didn’t show my first one, so I did another one. lol. that’s how I do. I’m so bad ass that I’ve gotta post the same thing twice. JK.

I went the caffeine pill route…mostly for the price.

[quote]SSC wrote:
I’m not trying to get on a high-horse here, but is there ANYONE else left who doesn’t rely on caffeine to get amped up before a workout anymore?[/quote]

That’ll be me!

Back when I was in grad school, I’d buy No-Doz pills at the local drug store, then pop ‘em with ephedrine and an aspirin before hitting the gym… ahhhh the good ol’ days.


i drink coffee before i workout if i’m feeling a little tired, sometimes add some caffiene powder to the coffee, or i’ll take some caffiene caps, either way i find it works for me.