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Coffee Headaches...And No it's Not the Caffeine


I am trying to narrow down why I get headaches from coffee. I used to be able to drink any brand no problem. About 2 years ago, I started getting headaches from even the smell when it was brewed. I thought it was the pesticides in the non-organic coffee, because I knew it wasn't caffeine if I could consume large amounts of green tea and other caffeine sources with no problem. I switched to organic and the headaches still persisted. Anytime I drank it, my head would start pounding. I thought it might be my shitty plastic Wal-Mart coffee maker super heating the plastic or something and releasing some nasty compounds, so I started using a french press, but no dice. Still headaches every time.

I have found that only Katz, a local Texas brand, and one local coffee shop's house brew gives me no headaches no matter how much I drink. All other coffee shops and store bought brands have given me trouble.

Has anybody else had similar problems, or have any clue what's going on? I very, very much love coffee and would like to explore different brews but these headaches kill me.