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Coffee: Good or Bad?

Hey, everybody. I’ve been trying to find any information about whether coffee is good or bad, but I never got an unambiguous answer. I understand the importance of sleep, but unfortunately, I can’t sleep for 8 hours (those 2 hours make me feel I’m wasting my life). That’s why the question arose about how coffee affects the body and the training process. It is possible that I will change my schedule and start training in the morning, so I would like to know in advance.
Upd. I probably did not cover the header of the topic. I was talking about body “chemistry”. Is it coffee good or bad before the training and can I take a cup in the morning with BCAA, for example. My wife wants a coffee machine, I’m looking through these reviews, choosing one. But that depends. Do I need an expensive machine for high-quality coffee or I do not need it at all. So that’s what the actual question is about.

There aren’t many things in life that are “good” or “bad”, particularly in the human body. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Can you give us some specifics of the issues you’re facing?

I cannot second guess what your own issues are but I’ll say this about coffee.

  • It is one of the few ergogenic aids with some science behind it;
  • That said, there are counter arguments that it is a vasoconstrictor;
  • In terms of health, there are countless studies claiming it’s antioxidant properties can assist with an array of conditions (this is the best reason for consuming it);
  • Not all coffees are created equal. It is a heavily treated crop meaning there is a good argument for going organic. I personally made the switch some time ago and it made a palpable difference. That said, I still drink the odd cup at high street chains.
  • Consuming caffeine later in the day is clearly a no brainer. Avoid it.


As for the good bad debate, like most things its a ‘all things in moderation’ answer.

Yes, I still enjoy a daily cup or two. That’s a far cry from the 4-6 I used to get through. Felt like crap and, little did I know, it appeared responsible for the mild rhinitis I was showing.

I now avoid brewing large quantities in the caffetiere (even good organic stuff) and try to stick to one organic instant cup (still made strong with 4 teaspoons worth) and maybe one from a high street store. Usually always consumed by 10am, after which I have little to no desire to consume any more.

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I like coffee.

A nice nurse gave me a cup and some cookies when I woke up from having a couple of stents placed in my heart. It definitely helped shake off the fog.

That’s plenty of proof for me that coffee=good.


Restricting your blood flow is definitely healthy.

My wife and I have decided to buy one of these (probably the second or third one in the list) while using some gift cards.

I have only used the non-programmable version and I would say it makes a good cup of coffee.

I brew a pot of Folger’s every morning and drink that prior to work. Before that, I used to drink organic, boutique coffee, but I cannot justify spending $20 for a pound of coffee, regardless of taste.

When I get to the office, I run through roughly another pot of their glorious sludge. All of this is probably entirely too much coffee, but it keeps me going.