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Coffee Before 1RM Attempt?


Well, it sounds like you have a problem. At one time I used to drink multiple energy drinks and cups of coffee every day, I was never into caffeine until my first kid was born. I didn’t sleep for almost a week and on top of that I was working mostly 6am shifts, I could barely walk out the front door without some caffeine. These days I sleep well and eat well, plus I cut down on caffeine a lot too.


yep. My son is 4. lol. just happens to coincide with the caffeine addiction


Like get up?

I’m an absolute addict.

I also learned in this thread that @strongmangoals is… an… interesting character.


Difference between pill form and drink?


Less delicious


Coffee: gives me heartburn if I train after drinking it. No heartburn otherwise, I just drank a cup of coffee a few mintues ago

Preworkout: waste of money, mostly underdosed ingredients, many also contain banned stimulants (unlisted on the label) that can have side effects

Energy drink: again expensive, and I would need two to get enough caffeine for any sort of performance boost

Caffeine pills: cheap - 100x200mg for under $10 over here, and it’s the same stuff they put in energy drinks and preworkouts.