Coffee and workout drink

I used to have a coffee on my journey to the gym in the mornings as a pre-workout stimulus. I found the benefits of the neural stimulation added to my workouts (like a cheap version of an EPA stack). But after reading “Ressurgance” in this weeks issue, I decided to start splitting my post-workout drink into 2 (1/2 during and 1/2 after), and dumped the caffeine due to uncertainty on this issue:

According to the caffeine roundtable, caffeine reduces insulin sensitivity for upwards of 3 hrs which results in reduce ability to handle carbs during that time. My during and post-workout drinks are whey+dextrose (I’m searching for maltodextrin but dextrose will do in the meantime). So I’m wondering if I can still use the caffeine stimulation prior to my workout without having it interfere with the carb digestion of my workout drinks? If it’s counterproductive, I’ll continue what I’m currently doing and just have my workout drinks.


I’ve read somewhere in the past that Charle Poloquin likes a cup of joe before his workout as well. I work out at 8 am… I don’t even consider going to the gym before my morning mug… or two.

If you are really concerned about it, I imagine you could test yourself and see what actually happens in your scenario.

JB detailed how to self test your insulin sensitivity in the massive eating pt 2 article.

I wonder how accurate it would be to go about your routine and follow the testing procedure as he describes it in the article?

This might fall under the extremely obsessive category though.


Too late for obstremely obsessive…I went to the gym at 7am the morning of my convocation, and carried my suit through the poring rain. I eat 8 meals a day and will drop whatever I’m doing in the lab to go eat. And I worry about missing a meal if I’m on a date. An insulin test doesn’t particularly seem obsessive in that light.