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Coffee and Nosebleeds?


Just a quick question about coffee.

I've done googleing and howstuffworks.com about this but havent found much, so I'll ask it here.

I've been a coffee drinker for a bit more then a month now. When I started I took 2 cups in the morning and after about a week I was up to 6cups in the morning.

Then I had to stop drinking it for about 1,5-2weeks and yesterday started again.

I went straight back to my 6cups and later that day I had a spontaneous nosebleed around 11hours after my coffee. Then today, I also had another nosebleed and I usually never get nosebleeds.

Is it because of the coffee? Can coffee cause nosebleeds?


I dont think coffee had anything to do with it. but there is no reason to drink 6 cups of coffee in one sitting. I would relax on the coffee. Maybe 2 cups in the morn. then later on in the day if you feel you need it have more. But 6 is alittle much


I have my reasons, but thanks for the tip.


The answer is yes. It raises blood pressure.