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Coffee and Bulking


what if any effect would you except from coffee on a bulking cycle? does it increase metabolic rate so much that you'd need a significant amount of extra calories to make up for it?

just wondering because recently my weight had stabilised and I quit drinking my modest cup of coffee a day for an entire week to see if Id put on any addtitional weight.. . did I? well my waist went up an inch! and a month later that weight is still there after returning to my regular coffee-a-day routine.. . I certainly didnt get any muscle out of it. ..

so Im pretty keen now to stay on at least a cup of coffee a day.. . what are your opinions on coffee and bulking?


I'm curious about effects of coffee myself..I usually have 2-3 a day. Probably not good. What effect does coffee have on gaining mass/strength?



Well folks, I drink a lot of coffee too. At 55 yrs of age, I am still strong, making some gains again in lifts after injuries. Not to mention I am 255 lbs at 6 ft tall.
So it might not affect bulk, but it can cause muscle cramping, dehydration, joint popping, over stimulation, and affect the body's utilization of nutrients. Be careful how much you drink.


A lot of the negative effects associated with coffee diminish or disappear for frequent users (dehydration etc. etc.) I do, however, follow the recommendation of avoiding carbs 2 - 3 hours after coffee consumption.


I think Lowery says a cup a day or so won't make an impact. Ten is a different story though...


I'd say your added inch probably has more to do with water retention than actual weight gain. Cafein is a powerful diuretic, and you probably just put on a little extra water.






i drink a lot of coffee.
real coffee :slight_smile:

and i haven't any problem bulking...

some extra caffeine tab also give me the needed "boost" to lift after a 14hrs long working day... :slight_smile:


And whose recommendation is this?


yeah thats what I thought it was as well.. . except a month later its still there. ..