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Coffee, a Health Food. Who Knew?


Check out this article: http://men.webmd.com/features/coffee-new-health-food

"It's also caffeine -- and not coffee, per se -- that makes java a powerful aid in enhancing athletic endurance and performance, says physiologist and longtime coffee researcher Terry Graham, PhD, of the University of Guelph in Canada. So powerful, in fact, that until recently, caffeine in coffee or other forms was deemed a "controlled" substance by the Olympic Games Committee, meaning that it could be consumed only in small, designated amounts by competing athletes."

"In other words, consume enough caffeine -- whether it's from coffee or another source -- and you will likely run faster, last longer and be stronger. What's enough? As little as one cup can offer some benefit, but the real impact comes from at least two mugs, says Graham."

"But the harder you exercise, the more benefit you may get from coffee. 'Unfortunately, where you see the enhancing effects from caffeine is in hard-working athletes, who are able to work longer and somewhat harder,' says Graham, who has studied the effects of caffeine and coffee for nearly two decades."

I'm not neccessarily a big coffee drinker, but I might add it to my morning regimine to see how it works out. I searched the T-Nation forums/articles for articles ont he same subject, but couldn't come up with much.

Hope this sparks a good discussion.


Maybe I sound like a massive shill, but after Spike Shooters, coffee is kind of the thing I'd drink as a gateway if I wanted to taper off caffeine. It would go from Shooters to jolt or red bull, then espresso, then normal coffee, then tea, then water.


ive been drinking two cups of coffee in the morning before my workouts for a couple years now. not sure if it actually does anything, but i enjoy it.

just finished my second cup and off to the gym :slight_smile:


so to get the most out of a pre training cup, you better go balls to the wall? awesome!

that sounds good too, i think?

i like my coffee black, just like my women.


I thought pretty much everybody knew?


Drinking coffee is bad for your short-term (1-3months sustained use) and long term (your life) health, I don't care what one doctor says, or any group of doctors for that matter. As far as I'm concerned, it's one of the most abused drugs in the world.


Man...that's what I thought. I have never touched coffee because of exactly what you said. But, this dude seems to have a bit of credibility though...he studied it for two years. Franco Columbo puts coffee in most of his diet plans in his book "The Body Builder's Nutrition Guide" ( http://www.amazon.com/Bodybuilders-Nutrition-Book-Franco-Columbu/dp/0809254573 ).

Interesting stuff though.


I think said Johnny Bowden that test showed up saying it had more antioxidants then green tea.


What's that based on exactly?


Well I'm not going to say you can't lose fat without caffeine.

But it's a key ingredient in almost any thermogenic. And I'm gonna say a very large portion of people on these boards always take 200mg+ of caffeine pre-workout, along with whatever else.


Good to see you noted refrences and studies that support your theory!



To be fair, he is listed as a college student, which typical means he does know everything.


Well more then one doctor says it first of all, What credentials do you have? You sound like a bitter ex 12 cup a day-er.


Who knew, "coffee," not caffeine mind you, is a drug.

The way you ramble on about health, with the following statement about medical science apparently not being valid makes me think you should consider switching to decaf.


Dude, I'm so glad you brought this up. Any thing (in this case, stimulants), that ramps up the metabolism artificially, is bad for health. Both, short term and long term. Stop drinking coffee for a day or two, see what happens; withdrawal symptoms like nausea, dizziness, irritability..just to name a few. Once you get hooked, you don't want to work out or go to work without it.

Bad news, especially in the long run. Green tea has way more benefits than coffee. Coffee is also known to make certain men more aggressive and on edge. Wouldn't want that when your at work, or with the wife.

People get ulcers from drinking too much coffee or coke for that matter.


Thermogenic supplements need caffeine because it works synergistically with all the mood enhancers. Not to mention the low- carb diets that people are on while using a fat burner. Caffeine is needed to keep you going, since carbs are not readily available.


green tea

See what I did there?

Here's another...

eating food

...and another...


death, and dying

I'm so clever!!!


Yes caffeine can definitely be useful before working out. I used to take 2-300 mg before swim practices longer than 8,000 yards. Made those hypoxic sets easy as hell. Never tried any doses near that before lifting though.


Yeh ok, Dave. That's nice. By the way, your delts look like marbles compared to your arms. You might want to work on em...


1) Coffee drinking associated with decreased rates of dementia in elderly
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2) Coffee associated with decreased rates of liver cancer
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These are just a couple studies that show that coffee isn't some great evil. There are also studies (good ones mind you) showing that people who drank coffee regularly actually were shown to live longer. Now causation doesn't equal correlation, but it makes you think.

Nothing is as simple as good vs. bad, so don't make mindless statements as such.