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Just wondering if anybody knows about this. Is this actually true?

I also read this concerning Codex.



Yea, this was passed on July something 2005. Ever since then, I've been getting scripts for all my pills. I actually cannot even buy food unless it's a day of the week start with a consonant.


I've never heard of this... It seems almost too ludicrous to be true.


This is true.

In Germany the highest potency vitamin C that you can legally buy is 250 mg tablets that are made by Merck. The price for 30 of these pathetically weak tablets is 18.89 DM or $12.27 U.S. That is about 18 TIMES what we pay in America. BTW, if you prefer capsules you are out of luck because they don't sell them.

Big Pharma wants to make even more money.

Why not?

Americans don't vote so no one will stop them.






I called my senator's office after reading this and his office said that the CODEX/WTO agreement is "not binding in any way." I asked the staff-person what Mr. Durbin's views of regulating supplements like vitamin C and she told me that he is against it.

He did however support (or draft?) a bill that requires supplement retailers to notify the proper authorities if someone reports a health problem after using a supplement purchased from that retailer.

Basically her opinion was that supplement regulation won't get very far in the USA. She did mention "dangerous stimulants like ephedra" were a different story though.


They get huge donations from Big Pharma.

Don't think for a second they will not sneak regulation in under Americans noses.



Your theory is logical and even arguable (if true), but considering how much free-market propaganda most politicians, universities and media sources pump out I can't see it happening.

I think a LOT of people would be pissed if Vit. C went up in price 500-1000% because it would impede consumers, manufacturers and retailers. That equals a LOT of pissed off Americans. My main argument is that the market for these products is SO big in the USA (compared to countries like Germany) that the impact would be too far reaching to be ignored by the public.


I've got a feeling it's all a matter of time until all the sups we see in the shopping section of this website are made 'illegal' or are regulated out of circulation.


Well, since supplements should really only be a small part of your success, that should hardly make a huge difference in your results.


I feel that supplements like my animal pak multi's, glucosamine, FFA's, creatine, etc. are a great factor in my gains and over health. They keep me from getting sick from overtraining. At least that's what i think. Not to mention people with chronic diseases that can benefit from CoenzymeQ10 and the like. Don't forget them.


Like gas prices...


Gas prices are completely different and all economists agree they do not fit the same supply and demand curves. That was a terrible analogy.