Codes from Ampoules Not Recognized on Company's Website

Hi, i am in week 5 on test/deca cycle (500mg test 200mg deca a week (400mg deca in the first 2 weeks)) and gained 12kg (don’t know how much water however) +noticeable strength increase.

I tried the codes from a few ampoules and from an ai and none worked. However almost everyone in the gym is using gear from the same person and nobody complained. I tried buying 2 ampoules from a website from the same company and the codes still didn’t work.

Does anyone have any idea? I was 100% sure that the gear is original (since this is my 4th one) before checking the codes.

You got yourself high quality counterfeits. Emphasis on high quality. If it’s doing its job then that’s all you need to know. Never pay for pharma until you’re sure. But for now you’ve got stuff that’s working, so it could have been a lot worse.