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Cod Liver Oil


Are any others using cod liver oil?

It seems like a very economical way of getting EPA/DHA.


I believe NeilG will respond to this.:slight_smile:


Pauly, how'd you guess?!?

Yes, I use cod liver oil. There are two big reasons I like it:

1) I think it's the vitamin D that acts as an antioxidant to help protect the oil from going rancid!

2) It provides a lot of vitamins A and D, which are generally deficient in many diets.

Check it out:



I use it. i take the gelcaps because I can't stand the taste, no matter what. i'm also a cave dweller most of the time so i don't get much sun. it's great! i know a source of excellent quality if you need one.


Hi, there, Die Nadel. My vote goes for fish oil that's been molecularly distilled. Molecular distillation is a process that removes PCBs, DDT, mercury and other impurities from the fish oil. I'm not a big fan of liver in general, since it's the organ of detoxification. I get Health From the Sun's product from iHerb. Great price, great service. You can get it in capsules or liquid, either one.


I 2nd that. Iherb's fish oil is the way to go. 2 Tbs yeilds 9 grams of combined epa/dha.