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Cod Liver Oil Bad?

To ask simply - what is wrong with COD LIVER OIL ? I own two bottles and recently noticed that John Berardi in his new “Scrawny - to - Brawny” presentation reccomended fish oils but said “COD LIVER OIL is not what you want.”

I want to know why specifically as I have been taking it religiously and already have another bottle for when my current one runs out.

Thank you,

Well, Im not one of the nutrition guys but I do recall asking LL about this. he told something to the tune of too much Vit A and D and eventual toxin buildup (more so because it is liver oil) making the case for it not being too healthy for you.

If you see LL again, definitely get the lowdown, he’s the shit.


The Liver is a de-toxifying organ that often concentrates toxins and pollutants.

The Fish Oils (non-Liver)come from the muscle (principally) of the fish.

While any tissue can possess toxins and pollutants, they tend to not be to the degree and concentrated amounts that oils made from the liver are.