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Coconut Oil Question


I have heard that there are no stupid questions but I think this one may test the limits... If you cook with coconut oil will the food have a coconut taste? I have read a lot about the benefits of coconut oil but I HATE coconut taste.




It depends on how sensitive you are to the taste. Personally, I don't really notice a coconut taste when I cook with coconut oil - I think it really varies with the amount you use and the food you are cooking.


Buy refined coconut oil for cooking. It's not hydrogenated that way, I promise, unless you buy some sleazy, cheap oil. Refined coconut oil is perfect for cooking.


yes you will be able to taste it, and very clearly


I agree and certainly if you've never cooked with it before you will definitely notice the taste. However, i've found that if you use it frequently enough it seems to blend in and not taste so overwhelming.

Case in point i use it to cook my eggs every morning, at this point the taste doesn't exactly jump out at me because i'm so used to it. And i also agree with the person who said it depends on how much you use.

I use it to cook my eggs, wild caught cod, shrimp, tuna, pork tenderloin and grass fed beef. And at this point the taste doesn't jump out at me too much anymore.


tbh I never tasted it much when I cook it with eggs, and I use near 1 tbsp.


Depends on the kind you get. There are several brands that are pretty neutral tasting.


Yes, you will be able to taste it.

My best advice would be to try and mix in complimentary spices. Eggs with coconut oil and curry powder are great, it is synergistic. Eggs with coconut oil and salt, pepper, cheese... Bad. The coconut takes over and you can't even taste the cheese.

There are many styles of cooking that routinely use coconut in their cooking. I would recommend you use that style of seasoning when it comes to overall taste. Somethings just don't go together, substituting butter for coconut oil without any forethought is one of them.


No, you won't taste it. I've eaten it raw and it doesn't taste coconutty.


You get used to it!


I am pretty sensitive to the coconut taste but my wife likes the flavor so maybe I will get some to see if I can deal with it. Even if I don't she will probably like it.


Try Spectrum brand organic refined coconut oil. (google it)

It can be found in most supermarkets as well as walmart.

Very neutral with little to no coconut flavor IMO.


Go UNrefined aka Vigrin or go home! The benefits are higher. I hate coconuts as well but trust me when I say that cooking with the oil adds a nice taste to things.

Virgin is where it's at. EVOO, etc.


Sometimes I cook my eggs with coconut oil. If I use too much I get a stomach ache after eating.



Spectrum is one of my favorites as well; especially to cook eggs in. It seems to me that Omega Nutrition makes a horrible one that makes everything taste unbearably like coconut. So bad that I threw it out. When it comes to coconut oil, my experience has been that you get what you pay for.



My mother in law buys hers at some posh health food store for 29.99, for 1.5kg I believe, and its completely flavorless

I get mine from Costco for half the price because i like the coconut flavor


Its not so much a taste as it is a flavor. The oil itself smells of coconuts but a spoonful by itself has little taste. But taste and smell and intertwined, so when you cook with it, it adds kind of a sweet aroma that adds to the flavor.


I can't help. I eat Barlean's by the tablespoon. When very chilled, it's almost like ice cream.


This isn't necessarily true. unrefined or virgin oils (especially olive) have a much lower smoke point than their more refined or second press brothers. When an oil hits it's smoke point the fat basically goes rancid and becomes nutritionally useless. If you're cooking at low temperatures it's not such a big deal, but if your cooking at high temps (searing fish, pan sauteing chicken, Ect) your better off to use something like grape seed oil or non-virgin olive oil.