Coconut Oil Qualities

I’ve been eating KTCs coconut oil for a few months. It’s labeled pure coconut oil, so I thought it was fine. Then the other day I was made aware that this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cold pressed. I started searching the web for more info, and found here that in fact it is refined:

According to the text this doesn’t matter at all, but I don’t know if I trust that statement. What do you guys think?

It would be really cool and much appreciated if John Meadows chimed in here, as he seems to be the go to guy on fats.

I have always paid a couple extra bucks for cold pressed organic coconut oil.
Here is what I currently have in the cupboard.

I am currently going through a container of Barlean’s cold pressed organic coconut oil. Tastes great and you can get it at a decent price 15-20$.

Instead of taking my chances with KTC, I think I’ll start looking around. Coconut oil isn’t sold in regular supermarkets in Norway, so I’ll have to check every immigrant corner store I can think of. I hope I don’t have to travel all the way across town every time I need to resupply, but I’ll do it. I guess I can only hope that KTC didn’t damage my health.
Thanks for the suggestions, but toll fees will make American brands too pricey.

I buy mine from Radiant Life.