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Coconut Oil on AD?

Can I get a final ruling?

I read a few places that coconut oil does not help the Anabolic Diet due to some chemical jargon I cannot remember

so what’s the deal…is coconut oil ok on AD or not?


If you could provide the reasons supposedly against, then it might well be possible to say whether these reasons make any sense or not.


Straight from Dr. D out of the Anabolic Diet book:

“It’s also important to note that MCT’s get a big thumbs down or use on the AD. MCT’s basically bypass the whole energy pathway we’re trying to establish with the AD and can be very counterproductive.”

It doesn’t really explain why in great detail other than the body will choose to burn the MCT’s rather than it;s own long chain triglycerides.

I have to categorize the first part as an assertion providing absolutely no specific detail.

It makes no sense to me: I can’t rule out that if he provided an actual specific that the story might be different, but lacking any specific statement (other than this “whole energy pathway” claim which makes no sense) it’s impossible to say yes or no on this.

The second part is more definite, but unfortunately definitely makes no sense.

What, the ordinary fats eaten on the AD won’t be burned?

Exactly what happens to them, if not burned (and if not converted to bodyfat, which surely cannot be preferred to being burned?)

I have the greatest respect for Dr DiPasquale as a powerlifter, a medical doctor, an expert in doping/anti-doping, and some fine ideas with the Anabolic Diet.

However, though it’s been stated (so far as I know, not by him) that he has a “medical degree in nutrition,” I’ve never heard of such a thing, and if you Google it, Dr DiPasquale is the only person in the world described as holding one. So I don’t think it should be assumed he has a “medical degree in nutrition” as a T-Mag article has said. But an MD degree, most certainly.

Generally speaking, MD’s know very little biochemistry, as the only education generally received in it is a single semester undergraduate course. So it cannot be assumed that even a very accomplished MD such as Dr DiPasquale must be correct on biochemistry-related statements. I rather doubt that he is on this one, as personal opinion.

It would be a different story if he was stating that in a reasonably controlled situation, various persons had done the exact same thing except for substituting X grams of coconut oil for the same amount of other fats when doing the AD and got worse results. If he’s not stating that, then personally I would not give credence to the claims quoted above.

Wow…the Bill hath spoken

thank you

Totally not against animal fat here, but it seems like you might be better off subbing some of the recommended animal fat for coconut oil. Just a speculation from what I’ve read here and elsewhere though, I have no hard evidence.

I also wonder if there are any newer studies or developments since the AD was written a while ago. I know in the HUGE AD thread that many stated that they were using coconut oil and were getting leaner.