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Coconut Oil Good?


There has been a buzz lately about taking some extra virgin coconut oil lately..

does anyone know if this is better than olive oil for instance?

tried doing a search and found very little..

any info or link would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


The stuff is moslty saturated fat, but I would love to hear that it has some special beneficial properties. I love Thai and Indonesian food.


As far as I know coconut is very good, possibly one of the healthiest oils there is. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and the fat is 50% Lauric acid, a Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCTs) which is good fuel but does not store as bodyfat. Rumour has it that it is being used to treat AIDS-patients since it reduces their viral load.


Yes all of the above about the MCT's etc and such plus there are numerous studies on populations that have a high intake of Coconut oil and low skin cancer rates, Great for skin and hair. All kinds of stuff. LOL Search Pub med.

Like any other source of anything though moderation is the key. You could have it daily just dont over due it and get your other fats as well.


I like to use coconut oil for frying things. Yes yes, I know that frying is the boogeyman these days.

Instead of spraying "zero calorie" no-stick on the pan, put in a bit of coconut oil instead.

I would say it is "just an oil", by which I mean that it isn't going to change your life if you do or don't use it.


At one stage I had a 5ml of coconut oil before gym. It gave me a lot of energy at gym.


That stuff is tasty. I usually mix it up with a cheat meal, when I allow it or I add it to an occasional juiced veggie drink.


Its becoming the new "Noni juice" here in asia.. I dont know if you can recall that whole phenom a few years back.

what i would like to know is if it would be beneficial to add to a diet already consisting of fish oil caps, and some milled flax seed.

I mean, is there something in the coconut oil, extra virgin that is not in the other fats we take?

thanks for the responses!


I've heard good things about it. I'm unable to find coconut oil in any of the stores near me, but I can get coconut milk. The profile is close to the same (14g fat per 2g carb and 2g protein).

I'm planning on using the coconut milk in some of my shakes while on the v-diet, as I was a bit worried about lack of saturated fat in the diet. I'm also going to be using a bit of olive or peanut oil to get some monounsaturated fats.


The Milkl is the way to go IMO. just be sure to get one that JUST has coconut milk and not loaded with i=other crap. It is AWESOME in shakes. Ohb you can also use shredded coconut UNSWEETENED. I like adding it to both shakes and in stir fry's its great.

As for what is in coconut oil that is different from the others. Well as mentioned above it is high, nearly 50% MCT's. Are they magic, well that still stands to be proven.

Other than that I just find it a nice source of Sat fats from time to time. I tend to eat the leanest cuts of meat which has me a bit short of sats so It is a great addition.




wow you botched that quote job but I think I was able to find your response/? out of it.

As for the anti viral thing. well sure there are studies. But studies are just that. I mean we can find a study that, they can be swayed to say just about anything. There are many that swing both ways on coconut fats and really anything. I mean back in the day they had studies that led cyclist to smoke.

But yes time and time again people in tropical areas where the majority of there intake of fats comes from Coconut have shown some very positive results. thing is these very same populations generally have a diet high in fish and fruits and veggies. So without the beef etc they are in need of a good sat fat source.

That said many of the people around here and bodybuilding for sometime have shorted themselves on sat fats. Thinking its the devil. So adding in cocnut is an awesome way to add that back in. Really helpfull with the state of the fat profile of the majority of our beef and live stock today being grain fed. We need sat fats. They are required as are all the fats. They in particular play a HUGE role in hormone production.

So if you are getting enough or more than enough sat fats like much of the civilized world. eating fatty meats, etc. then you really dont need or want more,. But if you are choosing the leanest of meats, avoid Junk, then it can be good and helpfull.

But yes you cant rely on it as your only source of fats you still need your proper amounts of PUFA'sd and MUFA's from varied sources.

Any further benefit is just that like icing on the cake. Many of the thought bebenfits are/will be awesoerm if proven true abiout the MCT's, and anti viral properties.

Take it for what its worth, Just another opinion.



Coconut Milk is considered the holy grail in weight gain by old school oddball "Mike Brown" who was once interviewed by Mike Mahler if you do a search for it.


I was discussing CoConut Oil recently w/ a colleague. Being that my diet was almost to low of fat and wanting to shoot for the (1/3 polysaturated)-(1/3 monosaturated)-(1/3 saturated) breakdown as mentioned in Berardi's articles.

Because Coconut oil remains solid @ room temp, is it also considered a transfat?

Also for ppl looking for it, look in the baking goods Under CoCoNut Butter if you can not find it as oil.
Price differance is also quite differant if you buy "OIL" from a store or
Butter" from a supermarkt.

$12/$15 (16oz.) Dependant on brand & Health Food/Supplemnt Store for the CoCoNut oil.

$3.50 (16oz.) as CoCoNut Butter in baking good isles.

Differance in ingredients is a preservatice to try an keep the CoCoNut butter white. 1 ingredient differant that the oil.


No its not a trans fat just because it is solid at room temp. That mainly ios a sign that it is saturated fat. Look at the fat from say beef, pork, fish. some of that is sat fats and is solid at room temp. even that in nuts. Yup there is a small amount of sats in there as well.

Now the trans come from various methods of hydrolisis, etc, that TRANSFORM the fats. Thats where trans fat comes from.

Now I am not sure about the butter you talk about but if it has added preservatives then it has most likely been highly processed, I would wathc this. Yes the oil is expensive for the virgin variety. That is why I tend to try and stick to the milk and or well cocnut itself that has been shredded nothing added.


haha. sorry for the botch. i dont know how that happened. thanks for clearing it out somewhat Phill. appreciate it man. i will continue getting my fish oil caps and peanut butter in, perhaps looking into how much sat fat i actually need before adding the coconut oil in.


Okay, that's it... time to fry up some chicken in coconut oil...


haha! sounds good!