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Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

I’ve heard that coconut oil can increase your metabolism and aid in weight loss. Has anyone used it in this manner?


I am on the fat fast right now, and about half of my oil intake is from coconut oil.

It was a bit hard to get used to eating oil that was a solid at room temperature, but I’ve actually developed a bit of a taste for it. I’ve also heard some places that beyound the metabolization boosts(which have been docuemented), that the medium chain triglycerides are benefitial in some way to muscular development.

Coconut oils are a great source of HEALTHY sat sats, and can be quite tasty. LOL

Moonlight you outta tray coconut milk or dried shredded coconut in shake and such. Just get the unsweet versions. Both atre awesome and LOW in carbs. The shredded version has the benefit of the fiber as well.