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Coconut Oil And Hot Flushes


Hi All. I recently added coconut oil to my diet. Usually I have a tablespoon midday at around 12. What I feel, which may be a coincidence but I am not sure, is I get alost like a hot flush about 1/2 hour afterward. I start sweating and feeling really hot inside. Anyone know why? Anyone else experience this?



The feelings you describe sound like TEF (Thermic effect of Feeding or something like that).

I don?t think the coconut oil alone is responsible for that, but maybe it helps with the TEF?


Cocunut oil has some research to support an increased metabolic rate, possibly due to thyroid regulation. I do not speak from personal experience here, so I'd be interested to know if anyone else can confirm this effect.


Im going to add coconut oil to my diet this week when i start the Velocity Diet (again)

Ill let you know


The same thing happens to me when I consume coconut oil.It's great. The fatty acids in coconut oil are medium chain fatty acids. They're used up by your body as energy,rather than fat. It does effect the thyroid though( in a good way.Don't worry.)I usually take the stuff an hour or 2 before my workouts.This stuff really gives me energy and it won't mess up your body like most of the drugs people use.