Coconut milk

Hi everyone,

I am currently using some coconut milk in my last P+F meal before my WO as my only fat source, because I ineviatbly have to WO very close to these meal because I drink Surge during my WO and I dont want any of the fat from my last P+F meal circulating in my bloodstream by the time the dextrose from surge enters my bloodstream and theres the big surge of insulin.
I choose coconut milk for its MCTs since they digest so quickly that its less probable that the fatty acids will be floating around my bloodstream by the time I WO.

I have a few questions about coconut milk:

  1. How much of it is MCTs?

  2. Do you have any tips to store it?
    I buy the canned version and each can has 4 servings for me, but if I let it in the refrigerator for a couple of days it will evaporate and it will be so condensed I wont be able to measure my servings.
    I also tried to split all servings intoo 4 containers as soon as I opened them and refrigerate the but the last 2 would be rancid by the time I used them. Any tips?

  3. Any recipes you have with coconut milk?



Mike Brown (author of “The Strength of Samson: How to Obtain It” and developer of “Samson Cables”) who was interviewed by Mike Mahler once is a proponent of coconut milk. Perhaps you should contact him. Search for him and you should be able to find his site.

MCTs are made up of capryilic and capric acids. Because of how MCTS are processed, there is virtually no lauric acid found in MCTs. MCTs are made/derived from coconut oil, which is made/derived from coconut milk. Full coconut milk is approximately 24% fat. Approximately 50% of the fatty acids in coconut fat are lauric acid. Lauric acid, like capric and caprylic acid, has a whole host of health benefits.

Coconut milk has carbs, fiber and water. All of those things are removed in making coconut oil.

All of the lipids mentioned above are MCFAs (Medium Chained Fatty Acids), which is the same thing as MCTs (Medium Chained Triglycerides). It would depend on the reason for which you’re taking them as to which version is superior. Start by doing a Google search on the different MCFAs – lauric, caprylic, and capric – to get an idea of the benfits of each. Then you’ll have a better idea of which form is best for you.

Myself, I’d probably use both coconut oil and coconut milk. Just store the coconut milk in an airtight container. that way the water won’t evaporate out of it. Coconut oil can be stored at room temperature and is a superior oil for cooking/frying, as it has a high smoke point and won’t break down.

I’m sure I have have read that Canned cocunut milk is refined and therefore not healthy - which wouldn’t surprise me! Can anyone add to this?

GREAT WORK once again TT.

You nailed it all and left some learning for them to do at the same time, doint want to do all the work for them. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to chime in on the last post and say that it is important to really look at what you are purchasing. Some of your canned coconut milks will be loaded with fillers and other unwanted ingredients. Check the label. You want one with minimum processing and simply water and coconut milk in the ingredients.

I gotta say I love the stuff and use it on nearly a daily basis. Mix it with some chocolate GROW! before I crash. MMMMMMM. Good. Try that. Also you can make a flax meal and egg omlete and chill it. Then mix a serve of coconut milk with choco GROW!. Makes a paste. Chill it. when they are both chilled spread the GROW! mix on the omelete and roll it like a burrito. Damn fine chocolate pastry tasting thing, and you get some great protein and several good fats. That is another bed time fav.

Enough outta me. I am going to go eat now.


i use half a can of coconut milk, mixed with a hand blender for a meal. i use some protein or raw eggs, some berries and occasionally some cocoa powder or stevia or whatever i’m in the mood for. you can use frozen fruit to keep it cold, and if you want really low carb you could just use stevia and/or protein such as Grow!.

as for quality, i try to always buy organic, but if i buy regular brands in the store i try to get the kind without preservatives or gums (guar gum etc.). just shake before opening. it keeps for a few days in the fridge in a little tupperware type container. sometimes if i’m lazy, i just toss the can in the fridge but it won’t last too long that way. if yours is going bad in a day or two, i would switch brands. that or maybe you need some fresh baking soda in the fridge, it picks up flavors fast.

I usually just take the coconut oil (1TBS) straight up along with whey protein drink first thing in the morning before workouts. If I wanted to gain muscle mass, i have 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1 tbs, 2 scoops of Low Carb Grow! and handful of blueberries first thing in the morning. Tastes pretty damn good.

Rollus, are you sure that the milk is evaporating? At room temperature c-milk is more liquidy, but when in the fridge the fat coagulates into a paste.

I put mine in the fridge for 2-3 days at a time and it doesn’t seem to go rancid. I just store it in the can with saran wrap over the top.