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Coconut Milk


Anyone use it? Seems high in saturated fat but its milk from a coconut so is it really bad? Trying to bulk my shake up abit.



Yes. It's saturated fat, but MCTs. A can of coconut milk is about 800kcals, brilliant stuff.


Be careful of not taking in to much at one time, I've thrown up before by adding to much coconut milk to a chicken curry mix, and then downing the whole thing, it was horrible. Now everytime I have thai curry I have a nasty gag reflex going on. Just don't abuse it.


Seriously? You ate too much, nothing to do with coconut milk.


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Would you add more than a dollop of butter, olive oil etc? I think results with eating 12 oz of fat in one sitting would be pretty consistent regardless of the specifics. I think the pleasing flavor can lead people to over do coconut milk, but I'm skeptical that there is any thing about the stuff that makes it inherently difficult to digest.


A tablespoon or two of coconut oil, not milk, works really well in shakes for me. The coconut oil also tastes good and can be taken straight, kind of like the "olive oil shooter" idea I read about on this site for bulking.


It's good stuff as the saturated fats found in coconuts is the healthy kind. It true though that th stuff is very very rice so you do need to be careful not too over do it.

A great recipe is coconut cauliflower mash.
Steam or boil 500grams of cauliflower until it's soft enough to perice with a knife.
Next add the cauliflower to a Pot with 100ml of coconut milk.
Use a fork or masher to blend the whole mixture into a mash.
Lastly add some paprika and then salt and pepper to taste.


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Yeah, you better get ready to strap yourself on to the toilet if you plan on going nuts with the liquid fats. I have made that mistake.


I've never had any problems. Over 100g of fats from liquids a day. From coconut milk, walnut oil, EVOO, fish oil. No problems here.



In shakes. With solid food I don't have a problem, I have 8tbsp of EVOO with my mashed potatoes and steak at lunch.


Ok thanks for the replys, i was thinking a table spoons worth anyway. Its just my shake is lacking in fats plenty of carbs and protein, just wanna balance it out abit with some good fats really


Here's what I use:

Great stuff. Remember, it's solid at anything below 77 degrees Fahrenheit. I scrape out a tblspoon of it in my morning shakes


I make homemade chocolate ice cream with coconut milk. Now that's the way to go!


ive been as high as 9 shot glasses of olive oil a day in pre contest mode. I simply cannot tolerate that amount anymore. Any liquid oil in high amount is a crap shoot in that sometimes you come away feeling great or others, you feel just a shade short of dying.
I found eating the meat first, then follow it with the oil and finish with a salad/greens makes life a bit easier.
With regards to CM, its much more bearable but then its milk, not oil. And perhaps, i havent abused it the same way i have olive oil.


Wow...9? I'm assuming you were near 0 carbs and were trying to replace calories?


Yeah thats right dude. Ive had times when id go weak and break into heavy sweats shortly after 3 shots. Ill be experimenting a hell of a lot this summer for my next prep. Olive oil just happened to be quite cheap in comparison to others hence the sick amounts.


Bought some coconut milk for $1.00 and that stuff is thick and weird texture. I'm pretty sure it is just the water mixed with a lot of the "jelly." Pretty good in a shake but I tried to slam back by itself and I almost puked.

I like the water, though, but it is nearly impossible to find high-quality coconut water with zero added sugar in London, Ontario. I can't be arsed to cut my own coconuts and grab the water.


Coconut milk+salt+NUTMEG+something spicy(cayenne)+basil= alfredo. You can add cheese too if you want. I make this for my girl sometimes, she can't have dairy, and this shit is good. The nutmeg gets rid of the coconut flavor...