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Coconut Juice


Hi friends,

Welcome to another ass kicking bass pumping keyboard tapping birdMans thread.

Today I would like to discuss coconut juice. Ive been hanging out with a bunch of yoga hippies lately as I wait for my adductor injury to heal, and they have introduced me to coconut juice.

Apparently it has all the magnesiums, potassium and vitamin C you need. It also keeps you "young". As I am about to start some more conditioning work Im thinking this might be a good replacement for my gatorade? Or am I just wasting my money?





plus this...

plus this...

make me want to not encourage your irksome behavior by helping you much. So, you've got some reading to do:




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Thanks for that. Things are so much clearer now.



Are you talking about coconut milk, as in the creamy stuff used in Thai cooking? Or coconut 'water,' the clear, very mildly sweet, clear fluid that's in the coconut when you crack it open?

Most of the threads on this site are all about the milk, but the coconut water is an interesting fluid -- maybe not as magical as all the current hype, but not bad. It is the rehydration fluid of choice tropical countries (such as large parts of Africa, India, southeast Asia, and tropical south america), and has been for centuries. I don't know how much of the processing for canning destroys its inherent benefits, though.


it is delicious. one of my favorite childhood memories was my father bringing home a coconut. we'd hammer a nail into the holes to drain the liquid (and drink it, yeah) and then smash it into brick walls to get it broken into pieces. yum.

apparently it is high in electrolytes...

not sure how it compares to other fruit juices...