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Coconut fat is beneficial (?)

Heya T-people, check out these articles on
coconut fat and let me know whatcha think.
Might there be something here in terms of
different types of saturated fats? Coconut
fat seems to be a natural source of MCTs.
Maybe this would be a good question for
Berardi also.

www.mercola.com/2001/ mar/24/coconut_oil.htm

www.mercola.com/2001/ jul/28/coconut_health.htm

Check out my posts on Keto dieting and MCT and coconut oil.
Do a search, I commonly use coconut oil when I keto diet…lot of benefits to MCT’s that people don’t realize becuase they don’t know and maximize the context in which they should be used.

I had a post eariler…like months ago on the benefits of saturated fats. I guess I could post the address if your interested. :slight_smile: