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Coconut Crushing Grip


do any of yall have any pointers/ideas on how to get a cock swole grip? I feel like my hands are one of my biggest weakpoints.


I started Olympic lifting around the same time I started Judo and after a period of two months or so, I noticed that my grip was no longer failing on anything. The olympic lifting idea behind that is pretty straight forward, however judo make take a bit more of an explanation.

I feel that all the dynamic movements of judo, such as reaching and gripping onto a gi, or holding onto fabric while it’s being ripped away produced significant effects for my grip. Obviously if you aren’t already there is no reason to go out and play judo just for grip benefits, but maybe if you simulated the grip training. Something along the lines of towel pull ups, towel deadlifts, holding onto a towel while someone pulls it away from you. The ideas could keep coming, so use your imagination and run with it.


Tommy I found this use to be a problem of mine as well as i have small hands. I found that doing very heavy rack deads above the knee for singles did an amazing job at building my grip. After doing these for about 6 months I ordered the whole set of Captains of Crush grippers. Closed the #2 within two weeks and I attribute it to the rack work. Working on the #3 which will fall soon.

Also heavy dumbbell rows, hanging from a chin bar, etc works very well. Don’t forget to add in some forearm training to keep imbalances down. Dont worry though grip responds very fast if you havnt trained it before and it will soon be one of your strengths.


Dumbell rows, deadlifts, chins, curls, dont ever use straps.

I actually pulled a muscle in my forearm once with dumbell rows, I couldn’t figure out what had happened, I had never pulled a muscle with such a short range of motion before.