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Cocky Little SOB of the Week


Kid actually thinks he can "cheat curl" 140 pounds!

For sheer shits and giggles, please flame to the fullest extent of your ability.

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"you know i only weight like 155 pounds, so this means i can curl myself"

i enjoyed the fact he used straps and he gave an extensive explanation on his unreal ability.


You've got to check out the 185 lb preacher curls the kid does. Or should I say the 185 lb press the spotter does because he doesn't even get one rep on his own. He then goes on to give excuses as to why he can't do full reps. Oh then there's the video of him just flexing his small arms.

HA what a joke!!!


You know what I love, is that one of the 'Related Videos' is Magnus Samuelsson performing a 595 lb. bench for 2 reps, 308 lb. BB curls for 4 (with a REAL negative, not that crap the kid did), a legit 100 lb. isometric hold for 12 seconds and he finished it all off with closing a #4 CoC--TWICE!

Hilarious that this kid thinks anything he's done is impressive, even more hilarious that he'd have the gall to post it on the internet.

Five years from now--if he's still in the gym, which is very doubtful--he'll look back in horror at what a douche he was.


Thanks for posting that, I was having a rough day. Its always nice to laugh.


Hes got a decent deadlift in one of his videos.

Whats the difference between a trap bar dead and a straight bar dead?


The bar.


You use a trap bar for the trap bar deadlift.



This kid is ridiculously strong, how do I get strong like him?


Im all for useing a little cheat to get more weight because that extra rep with that little bit extra weight means growth right?

But that kid cheat curls wwwwaaayy fucking more than me and his arms are small as hell, my brother is 18 and cheat curls 250 with way fucking worse form than that and he has 20" arms at 275lbs.

That bitch needs to bulk and start using better form on his curls, he does have to have strong biceps to do that, with some weight gain and good form he would probably be sporting some pretty big guns.

I dont care what anyone says, a 150lb kid powercleaning 245x3 is good much less cheat curl.

I say hes small and has shit form, but its a stronger curl than mine, even if I used his form.


Some of the saddest stuff I've ever seen online. Love how he rationalizes what he's doing in each of his vids.



Let's face it.

Every gym needs one of these guys.

Delusional as hell. Aggravating as monkey butt at church, and completely clueless as to what a goofball he is.

Good stuff.


From what I see, didn't he basically just do a clean with really really bad form?


he should just kill himself


He's going to tear a muscle and seriously injure himself with this dumbshit.

This is coming from a 21 year old hothead, even I think this kid is going to hurt himself.


Good times.


please post a video of your brother curling 250lbs


I was fuckin' praying for his biceps to tear right off.



Its not even a curl, its a reverse power clean/axle clean.

He has to rest the shit on his sternum and walk around with it before he can even get the bar up to his chin.

Like I said, way worse form than that....

The video kid can cheat curl alot, as shity as his form is even if I used his form I couldnt do it.

Is there some curl club where everyone curls 300lbs that I dont know about? Im gonna bet there are people in this thread that cant bench what he just reverse power cleaned. Why laugh at him?