Cockroach Problem

Hello. I live in Scandinavia and am 15 years old. I haven’t been in my room for a couple days or so, but today when I was in my room I saw a cockroach flying around. I smashed it and then leaved the room, and tomorrow I will clean the room (since it have been a couple months since I last vacuumed it, even through I don’t find the room very dirty).

is there anything else I should do? Do cockroaches come in packs, or was there only this one? Any miracle-products I should try out? Thanks.

There is never only one. For every one you see there are thousands. Spraying sucks and should only be used as a last resort. The roach traps work pretty well. They eat the poison, but it doesn’t kill them immediately, so they take it back to their nest and share it. First thing you have to do is clean your room very well from top to bottom.

Take the trash out every 2 or 3 days whether the bag is full or not. Then put down the traps. Make sure there is nothing else for them to eat in the house.

I don’t know if you can get it where you are, but I have found that Boric Acid is by FAR the most effective killer of cockroaches. It’s the only thing I have ever used that, as soon as I used it, I didn’t see another single roach that year.

I am obsessive about those sickening fuckers, they are the one creature on this earth which truly revulses me, and I will not stand to live in a house with them. If you have to, just get the roach traps and keep a clean house, especially your kitchen, around the stove and refrigerator and where you eat.

And DON’T eat food in your bedroom for God’s sake. They seek it out. But if you can, get that boric acid. It works.


Cleanliness is the key. If you have cockroaches it is more than likely due to lack of house cleaning. They are there because there is a food source of some sort. I fucking hate flying cockroaches that is the worst kind.

My mom claims to have saw a cockroach in the kitchen a couple months ago. No sign of it since then.

Boric Acid (powder)