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Cockburn's Method


Job interview and final exams coming up; must log lest life get in the way.

25-06 Shoulders/Lats

A1) Press: 3x warmup, 8 work sets 3 reps fluctuating weight, 5x5 @ 70-80%
A2) Pullup: 3x warmup, 8 work sets 3 reps fluctuating weight, 5x5 @ 70-80%
10 rep dislocates after 5x5 pullup sets, 10 rep lateral raises before 5x5 press sets

B1) Db Press 4x7 ramped
B2) Neutral Pullup 4x7 ramped

C1) High Incline Db 4x7 ramped
C2) Neutral Pulldown 4x7 ramped

D1) Incline 4x7 ramped
D2) Sternum Pulldown 4x7 ramped

E1) Machine Press partials 4x20
E2) Hammer Curls 4x20

+/- 120 min workout, 40 min cycling

Meal 1: 100 g pro from dairy, fruit, eggs
Meal 2: 100 g pro from fish, veg
Meal 3: 100 g pro from dairy, nuts, fruit


So life got in the way after all. With exams behind me, it's time to train every day again to make up for lost time. Can you hear? The gym is calling!


Another day, another attempt at logging..


Holy hell this site is pissing me off. For f#cks sake


Cock burn. Lolz.



That is very serious business, Bird. I have some right now, and it is hellish.


Sweet, I can see both your posts. But why do most of mine disappear?


Haha, then find some sugar walls and snuggle up! Nature is calling you to do your duty


09 / 07 Chest / Upper Back
A1 Incline 3 x warmup, 6 x 3 worksets, 5 x 5 @ 70%
A2 Wide Cable Rows 3 x warmup, 6 x 8, then 5 x 10 (all active rest)
B1 Bench 4 x 10 ramped
B2 Machine Tbar 4 x 10 ramped
C1 Decline Machine 4 x 10
C2 Seated Facepull 4 x 10
D1 Dip 4 x 10
D2 Hammer Curl 4x10
E1 2 x 20 Machine Chest partials
E2 2 x 20 Pullaparts
100 min workout, 20 min cycling


10/07 Squat Day
A1) Back Squat 6x warmup, 4 work sets ramped, then 20x5 @ 60% approx
A2) Band Pullthrough 30x20
Short workout; no cardio


12/07 Chick Day

A1) Stiff drink
A2) Porn marathon (really went for the burn on these)


13/07 Shoulders/Lats
A1) Press 3x warmup, 5x3 ramped, 1x1, then 5x5 @ reduced percentage
A2) Pullup 3x warmup, 5x3 ramped, 1x1 (with 40 kg = PR!), then 5x5 @ reduced percentage
(Side raises and dislocates thrown between 5x5 sets.)
B1) Db Press 4x10 ramped
B2) Neutral Pulldown 4x10 ramped
C1) Db High Incline 4x10 ramped
C2) Narrow Pulldown 4x10 ramped
D1) Incline 4x10 ramped
D2) Stretchers 4x10 (experimental..)
E1) Lateral Raises 4x20
E2) Hammer Curl 4x20
120 min workout; 20 min cycling


16/07 DL/Light Chest
A1) RDL 2x warmup, 20x3
A2) Incline 2x warmup, 5x5, then 15x8
(Meadows band presses to activate chest dislocates thrown inbetween final 10 sets.)
B1) Hang Cleans 4x7-8 ramped
B2) Bench 4x7-8
C1) Hammer Curls 4x12 (should have ramped these; strength was present)
C2) Dips 4x12
D1) Cable Flies 4x20
D2 Pullaparts 4x20
E1) Hamstring Curl 3x20
E2) Dip Station Leg Raise 3x24 second isometric
130 min workout; 20 min cycling


17/07 Front Squat/Light Ab
A1) Front Squat 5x warm up, 4x3 ramped
A2) Hand Walkout 5x16 sec hold
B1) Back Squat 5x5
B2) Band Pullthrough 5x20
C1)Dip Station Leg Raise 4x10 with 3 sec hold
C2) Db Farmers Walk 4x whatever distance/seconds
D1) Barbell Anti-rotation 2x20
D2) Db Farmers Walk 2x whatever distance/seconds
E1) Pushup (feet elevated) 2x20
E2) Pullaparts 2x20
70 min workout; 20 min cycling


It's cool, refreshing, and a great way to stay in shape!


18/07 Shoulders/Lats

Damn gym was closed..

A1) Band Y Press 16x8
A2) Pullup 16x8
B1) Band Seated Side Raises 4x20
B2) Dislocates 4x20

Not sure what to make of all this eccentricless band work. Handstand Pushups will be incorporated next time.

Home workout; no cardio


19/07 Bench/Light Upper Back

A1) Bench 3x warmup, 4x3 ramped, then 5x5
A2) Wide Cable Row 2x warmup, 5x5, then 5x8
(Band chest activation and dislocates before/after sets.)
B1) Machine Decline 4x10 ramped
B2) Machine Tbar 4x10 ramped
C1) Dip 4x10
C2) Hammer Curl 2x12, 2x8
D1) Low Cable Fly 4x20
D2) Rear Delt Swings 4x20
E1) Pushdown 4x20, 2x10
E2) Curl 4x20, 2x10

Dips were terrible; will need towel or gloves to thicken bar and mop up sweat.

120 min workout; 20 min cardio


20/07 Cardio Day

A1) Booze ourselves to high heaven
A2) 12 hours of hakken @ Dominator 2013 - The Carnival of Doom !


23/07 Upper

A1) Press 3x warm up, 10x3
A2) Pullup 3x warm up, 10x5
(Dislocates and side raises between sets.)
B1) Bench 3x warm up, 5x8
B2) Seated Cable Row 3x warm up, 5x10
C1 Side Raise 4x20
C2) Db Curl 4x20
D1) Cable Fly 4x20
D2) Rear Delt Swing 4x20
E1) Pushdown 6x10, 1x20
E2) Hammer Curl 6x10, 1x20

120 min workout; 20 min cycling


24/07 Lower

A1) Db SLDL 1x warm up, 4x20
A2) One Hand Walkout Holds 5x 16 sec per hand
B1) Hyper 4x20
B2) Decline Situp 4x15
C1) Back Squat 3x warm up, 5x5
C2) Band Pullthrough 8x10
D1) Leg Extension 3x20
D2) Leg Curl 3x20

80 min workout; 20 min cycling