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Cockblocked by Some Annoying Guy at Bar!


So i'm sitting next to this delicious guy at the bar over the weekend, He's flirty, I'm acting real ditzy and laughing at his stupid jokes and lame come-ons. He was such a dork, but in a good way. I really just wanted to get him home and put my little she pucker right in his cute little butt. (yes I'm a tranny).

Anyways, this annoying guy comes over to my future boy toy and starts asking/ranting about some weightlifting this or that. My little boy toy was so cute he was acting all calm and like he didn't care LOL. I could tell he really wanted to "talk shop" with the annoying guy, but he was a good boy and kept his attention on little ole me. Then that dumb little son of a bitch annoying guy leans in and starts in on it again, this time I was foiled because as boy toy flew his hands up in frustration, he blew my skirt up a little and I think he got a look at captain winky. He suddenly got all quiet and was quick to leave. I hadn't even had the chance to get him really liquored up so I could take him home and put my little guy in his mouth. Damn you annoying guy Damn you!



Hey everyone, I know there is a bevy of awsome threads running rampant right now, can I get a little love here though? I need it for my fragile self confidence and low self esteem.




This is the second best parody thread of the original topic. Feel better?





And technically, it's a parody of BOTH threads. So it's a double parody thread, twice the parody if you will. So my thought process was twice the win?





Bra-fucking-vo sir, well played with the reverse role paraody twist there.





I read this thinking that this was serious, because of Vegita's new dp

Why is this the first thing I look at after not going on these forums for a few months?


Whats a DP? I only know of one, and unless someone slipped me some roofies, I don't think I have had any.



Well that took me awhile to find those other two threads, but I finally found that one thread that had the blue taco/waffle/pancake debate.


You just blew my mind. I apologize.