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Cocaine Users


If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues, cocaine.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Any cocaine users also happen to lift weights?


I used to sling, but I never got high on my own supply.


I have nothing to add.
My whole input was gonna be "its a hell of a drug"


Being around people who have taken cocaine when you have not taken any cocaine is one of the circles of hell. I cant remember which one. Find some dude on blow and he'll talk to you about it for 45 minutes, never break eye contact and never contribute one interesting article of information.

If your girlfriend takes cocaine she will want to fuck. If she takes too much she may accidently burn her eyebrow with a lighter and be totally tweaked out for like 48 hrs.

I took some cocaine and I never even noticed.

Stupid fucking drug and I hate it.


Dunno about you guys, but any day after a night on powders I don't feel like working out.


I'm watching Scarface as we speak.


I'm watching Scarface as we speak.


And if you took cocaine and didn't notice, maybe you just took shit/cut cocaine. Just sayin'


LOL, And I was just listening to 10 Crack Commandments today by Biggie Smalls. It's the truth tho!


and its always expensive and 'stepped on'

I want everything I put in my body to be 'stepped on' a few times. Im sorry send this steak RIGHT BACK to the kitchen I said WELL STEPPED ON this is only MEDIUM STEPPED ON!


Nope. You're fried. Unless you do some, then lift.

You're really derailing any gains if you do any powerful CNS stimulant.


I've always enjoyed the rush I get when I drink coffee. I always wondered if cocaine was like a caffeine rush x10.


Did some for the first time a couple weeks back. You come down way too fast for my liking. Also Cocaine really doesn't change a persons demeanor as much as I expected.


I've heard it's not like caffeine.


The only thing I ever did while using cocaine was use more cocaine. And some pills. And drink a hell of a lot.
And fight.

I'll confirm that it's not like caffeine.

If caffeine was a chihuahua coke would be a t-rex.


Yea... a T-rex that's high on cocaine.


I've heard that theres flavored blow floating around these days.


Drugs are bad mmk?

(Hey, it had to be said)



This freakin guy...