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Coca Leafs

hi everyone I’m antonio from peru, about 2 years ago i started to use energy drinks like redbull, vortex and all those, they’re good. Recently i was like "what an idiot !"now I’m using coca leaves in powder and drink it during my workouts, and shit! what an stimulant!!

they’re alot cheaper and tasty i can barely feel my tongue, coca leafs are an important ingredient to make cocaine but the plant by itself its not a drug, in my country its considered a sacred symbol of all what the inca thing represents, anyway we can find coca tea or in powder in most countries in south america they’re legal its an excellent stimulant waaay… better than any energy drink and totally healthy. there many kinds of tea that has a close effect to coca like the black tea now CAN YOU BUY THAT IN THE US? LIKE IN SOME STORES? AND IF SO, TRY TO PUT TOGETHER IN YOUR DIET THEY ARE AWESOME IN THE GYM, AND TO STAY AWAKE DURING EXAMS IN COLLEGE here check it out