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CoC Grippers


I just got in a set of Captains of Crush grippers yesterday. I bought the Trainer, #1, #2, and #3. I got the package right after a heavy snatch workout so my grip was not that great. I was able to close the #1 and I'm fairly close to closing the #2. These are a new challenge and I think they will add a new dimension to my training. I love to hear others thoughts on grip training. Those are some cool toys!


That's pretty good if you can already almost close the #2. I've seen but one guy close the #3 and he was about 300 lbs and had been messing with them for years.


I have 2 sets of grippers from T-4. One set is for beyond the range, and the others for regular movements.

I currently am training on the KTA program. It's probably the harshest program I've ever been on. But the program speaks for itself. It simply rocks.

Yah, it does add a new dimension to training. It's very challenging, and really makes you want to close the next gripper up. I'm about 2mm from closing my #2 with my right hand, and about 1/2" with my left hand.

I suggest heading over the the GripBoard for more grip training info. The guys over there are tough as nails.



Go get um! I have the trainer through 3. Di d the two twice, but I'm usually about an 1/8" short or so.


How many reps can you do with the #1? I'm not sure why you ordered a #3 as you will most likely not be using that for a very long time. Years maybe. If you ever do, conside yourself having world class grip strength. I have a trainer, #1, and #2 and those are hard enough. I've maxxed out at close to 20 reps on the #1 and the #2 for only 2 reps. Most people I let try them cannot even close the trainer. It's quite funny.


Machine, with the KTA program, and a lot of other programs out there using the grippers ... they preform a negative crush -- forcing shut a big gripper w/ the assitance of the opposite hand or a leg and instead of just resisting the gripper when it opens one tries to actually close the gripper.


They are fun, though I rarely use them. I'll get around to closing the #3 one day.


Sully - Since you're into strongman, I'd be interested to hear about your grip training. I know you do Farmer's walks and I saw the picture where you pinch-gripped a 45. Anything else?


I think the grippers are more often then not misused and cause overtraining and CNS burnout.

what is this KTA program btw?



You said snatch...


not sully but he posted his grip training in the photo forum.


My grip routine varies, but since I compete in strongman the basis of it is made up of heavy supporting grip work (i.e. holding heavy bars). I use different TUT (8-60 seconds) and bars of different thickness. I'll do weighted pullups with two Rolling Thunders, thick bars slipped over the chin handles, or Eagle Loops, heavy thick bar rows, one arm DL's etc. Sometimes, I will do a heavy thick bar movement (TUT 8-15 seconds) supersetted with a another exercise with a normal grip (15-45 seconds). This is good for the strength endurance required for strongman. I don't do too much gripper work, not a ton or pinch gripping either. I play with them from time to time though. It really depends on your sport/goals though.


I have to admit I bought the #3 out of sheer curiosity, I just had to try it for myself and see what all the talk was about. I now have a new found respect for anyone that can even get close to crushing that thing!

I signed up for the GripBoard yesterday. There is a lot of great stuff on that site. Especially if you are more into feats of strength and less into having a 6 pack at 160 lbs. (to quote BigConan).

My primary training goal is still to throw the discus really far, but I also have gotten a bit of the grip training bug in the last few days! Those things are a great challenge and are a lot of fun. I also want to try out some of the other grip feats of strength. I've never trained for grip at all, but I was able to pinch grip 2-35's (smooth side out) while in college. My grip was stronger then because of doing lots of Olympic lifts. I've only started to do olympic lifts again in the last few months, and it had been 3 years before that since I did them. Well it will be interesting to see what happens, but I've found a new area of strength training that I've never done before.


I just closed the #2 with my right hand. I'm left handed and my left hand is usually stronger but it was a bit sore so I decided to go for it with the right and I ground the handles together.

Honestly, the real reason I bought the #3 was because I knew it wouldn't take me long to get the #2.


Good job, keep working at it. The #3 is so damn much harder, it's a tough road. When I got my #2 and #3, I could close the #2 the first time I tried it. I still haven't closed the #3. Granted I never train with them, but the #2 is easy, and I can do 35-40 reps with the #1. The #3 is a still too tough, that why I recommend the Ivanko gripper, it's far more adjustable.


I've got the Ivanko Super Gripper on order. Heard many positive opinions about it.


Yeah, it's much better than the COC grippers. They are only really good for testing grip strength, or challenging people, in my opinion. They are fun in that regard though.


Here are the resistance levels for anyone who didn't know. Also, a website selling these said that the #3 has only beed authentically closed by a dozen men. Anyone on here close it?

Trainer : 100 lbs
No. 1 : 140 lbs
No. 2 : 195 lbs
No. 3 : 280 lbs
No. 4 : 365 lbs


It's been closed by about 75 men, give or take. That has to be updated. I know a few people personally who have done it, and with a little training I'll probably do it soon too.


Yeah that #3 is a tough one. I've never trained grip in my life and really had not done much in the last few years to make my grip stronger. Even before then I used straps for all my Olympic lifting. So I guess I would make pretty fast progress when I start doing specific grip work. I might be wrong on that though, and I know it would be quite a while until I could get close to the #3, if ever. Grip strength really isn't a priority for me right now, but they are sure fun to play with!