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COC Grippers Weaken?


When I first got my COC gripper #1 I was not even able to close it once. Within 3 weeks I could close it 5 times. These gains seem way too fast to me and make me think that mabye the spring got weaker. Is there an initail "break in" period? and what about over time? I'm up to about 16 on the right and 13 on the left and hope these are real gains and not just the result of a weakened spring.

Any ideas? Thanks


I had a similar experience with my #1. I think they hold up pretty good. Everyone else who is not practicing still cannot close them, so it seems it is still just as strong. You know they say you should be able to get the next one if you can do 20 reps.


When you first get the gripper it will be a little harder to shut untill it's seasoned, so yes there is a break in of sorts. Usually 100 closes will season the gripper. Under normal use the gripper will not become easier over time- unless you have a gripper that's way to easy and your shuting it 1000 times everyday.


I know, I'm looking foward to giving a go at the # 2, I think I will be ordering it soon.

Thanks for the help everyone!