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Coc Grippers vs. Ivanko Super Gripper


Which one would you choose to maximize grip strength and why?


Ivanko. It's far more adjustable.


Ivanko. I just got mine this weekend. With the Super Gripper, you can increase tension in increments. You can't with COC. That alone would have me buying the Super Gripper.


How many if any of the extra springs would you say are needed with the Ivanko? I've been doing finger curls holding a BB along with static holds. Do grippers work a lot better than finger curls? My thumbs don't do anything during them.


Just the two that is comes with will be fine. If you can't close the #3 Ironmind gripper, you'll have no chance of closing the Ivanko gripper with four springs. To FULLY close the Ivanko Gripper with two springs on the hardest level is very difficult. Granted I never really work with it, but I have only done it once. When I was up in Maine Eric brought his out, and I even set at the middle level, I do not remember anyone else fully closing it. It's pretty tough, but fun.


Sully's right. I feel like a putz having ordered the extra two springs. I'd have to devote the rest of my training career to get past the highest two-spring setting, which is something like 384 pounds (roughly the equivalent of 12-13 of the cheapies you can buy at Wal-Mart).


Heh heh... you said "Coc Grippers"...


345 lbs., I believe. But either way, it ain't easy.


I used mine for the first time yesterday and today I feel like my arms arre dead, which isn't good considering I have a workout in 5 hours! I can say that the feeling is so unlike what you get from doing other grip or forearm work. I feel like I'm actually improving my grip and not just building my forearms in size- actually making muscles work in ways that regular exercises just don't target properly. For anyone that wonders whether it's worth the effort to use these things, try it and you will see.


Hey CGB, how much those cost ya? I could use a set I suppose...


40 bucks, Malcolm. That's the American price Ivanko quotes, but they sell them for that here in Calgary at Go Mango Fitness. I bought the last ones they have in the city, but if you call, they will order you a set. Worth its weight in gold.