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Coast to toast!!!!

Well i came sixth on my debut, needless to say i cheated. Stole some one elses bike at the half way mark (fuck i was coming last/35th!!!)
note the lack of air in my bikes tyres and the primo uniform GO team TUI!!

Lol. You do look like you had a few pints along the way. Good job on the theft. I think it was more like an abandoned bike, though, because of a blown tire. BTW, is that some kind of Kiwi national uniform you’re sporting there Whetu?

do you have a bmx of your own?

Did you steal that bike from a seven year old girl?

this is my bike (a trick BMX type thing). i ditched this one and stole some mountain bike.
This photo is about 6 beers down, 10 minutes into the race.
The uniform is a pair of TUI overalls, tui being a brand of beer in NZ.
i am coming last here due to the crapness of the the bike, after some quick drinking and the theft of the other bike i climbed up to 6th by the next stop and held that postion.
will post the spew-arama after the 10th beer… quite funny really

Hilarious! And you remembered your helmet!!


I have never seen a seven year old girl on a BMX, WTF. It’s an EXTREME SPORT you know.

Is that a ‘Westside’ sign or an ‘Up yours’?

It stands for Whetu, silly.

Dan “The Expert” McVicker