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Coast Guard - OCS

I’m seriously thinking about trying the Coast Guard OCS program and I’m wondering if anyone is in the coast guard or has done it and can give me some real insight into it. Heres some background:

I’m 22 (on wensday), graduating in may and everyone I know has been a real pain in the ass about what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. I really feel like hoffman in the graduate. “Plastics…”

I’m going to have a degree in Political Science - concentration in public law and a minor in history. I’ve thought about teaching but I’m not really enthusiastic. Also thought about police/fire, taken the tests and am now just waiting to see what happense. Well I don’t want to just sit around and see what happens.

I love the water, grew up on an island, spent weekends on my fathers boat, am a PADI Divemaster and love to sail (looking into buying my first boat, a 16’ hobbie cat). I don’t want to be behind a desk. Like most people here at T-Nation I like using my body. I also realize that I still have some boyish qualities, I feel like some military training would do me some good and really turn me into a man.

I’ve looked at the websites, the forms and found a recruiter in my area. I just need to talk it over with some ppl in my life (like my parents) before I make a decision. I came on here to get help, hear stories and get any additional information I can. Ya know the kind you won’t find on the websites. Thanks for reading guys.

Do it. Don’t even hesitate, because you will only overthink things. At 22, you can literally do anything you want, so go for it.

and like every other T-Nationer, you can list ‘navy seals’ as an option.

on a seriouse note, i had a buddy of mine recently graduate from the coast guard academy and is working in miami doing drug interdiction. he loves it, and i’m jealous.

i’d def look into it, how long are coast guard contracts?

I’m sorry, but I have to stay loyal…Go Air Force!!!

Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.

I’m not necessarily talking you out of anything, but there are plenty of options for you.

Obviously, the coast guard is one of them.

There are plenty of other less intensive options that I’m sure you’d be happy with, as well.

Shit, I’m currently in Thailand getting my MSDT cert, and after this I’m looking into getting my STCW-95 cert so I can get a job on a megayacht in Florida or the Caribbean.

I also wouldnt mind getting a job as an instructor on a live aboard yacht.

You can also look into online listings about getting a position as a deck hand on a private sailboat sailing around the world, etc. It’s way easier than you’d think.

Good luck with whatever you choose. It sounds like you’re on the right path for you, or at least not on the wrong one for you.

what is MSDT or STCW-95?

an instructor of what on a live-aboard yacht?

to the OP. that deckhand job might look nice. but you have to remember, even if you eventually decide the coast guard is not for you and do only 3-5 years, not only will a commission look good, but the leadership and command positions you hold will also look great on your resume.