Coan/Phillippi Deadlift

Has anyone done this 10 week program as a kickoff to come back after an injury set back? I have just recently gotten to I can pull again after some few months without due to back issues. My max pull prior to injury was a 645 gym effort. My best pull after has been a 545.

I’m thinking (hoping) that I can regain my pull to a respectable pull in a quick(er) time period…I’m looking at numbers for 545 to 600 and they look doable…

I’m open to any criticisms out there!

Personally I’ve never done it so defer to someone who has more experience with the program, but my take is that I wouldn’t do it so soon coming back from an injury. Im a pretty cautious person when it comes to that stuff, but if you know your body well and are smart with the numbers you put into the program I think you’ll be alright. If I were in your shoes i’d do something like a no belt cycle and start out around 70-75%, and work deadlift variations pretty hard as they have always been good for me (pause DL, stiff leg, some deficit work).

Do you mean just the deadlift percentages or the whole program. The whole program has a ton of acessory work - that could really build you back up. Maybe run it w. A safe percentage on deadlift and let the acessory work do its thing.

Whole program, just looking for a way to kick start my deadlift. That’s exactly what I was thinking with the accessory work