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Coan-Phillipi Deadlift Program??


I've only been training for a few months seriously and i recently read about the coan-phillipi cycle for deadlift.
My current max is 300 at 180, and my current goal is a 360 deadlift.

My form is pretty good, but would something like this just be too difficult for a beginner? Is this too big of a weight jump for the cycle?.

Also, what days would be good for other lifts like bench and squat?


going from 300 to 360 in 10 weeks is a lot to ask, even for a beginner lifter, especially with that program. if you plug it in and take a look, you will have to deadlift a 25 lb PR in week four for a double. Sounds almost impossible to me. Try plugging in 320 for your new max into the program, but on week 10 take it by feel instead of just shooting for 320. If you feel strong enough to pull 350-360 that week then go for it.


Even though I don't think you're at the level that would require a special deadlift routine--I think you can still make solid gains on linear progression--I don't think it will hurt because Coan Phillipi has you doing a bunch of quality assistance as well as the deadlifting. I like what millercraig222 said about being conservative with your max and going by feel in Week 10. However, I think instead of setting your new max for 320 I think you should put it at 330 or 340. I've heard that on average it puts on 30 pounds for the intermediate lifter, so I definitely think it's possible for you to put on that much if not more.


As a beginner, you can gain a lot in just 10 weeks. Definitely not from that program though.


You're a complete novice. You can still just do starting strength or something similar and add 5lbs per week...


Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think i might wait a few months and see if i can get it up more using my simple upper/lower split, then see where im at.


Hardboner lol trollol, sorry funny username. But if you're serious, take say 330ish and put that in on week 10, then subtract say 10 lbs a week for 10 weeks give or take. So start with 230 week one for 2sets 5, then bump ten pounds each week till you get to 330. First 3-4 weeks do 5s, then for a week or two do 3s, then for a week do 2s then for the last couple of weeks do singles.

So something like this: Slowly work up to the working sets listed. Weight can be adjusted as well, you can end at 320 as has been suggested, just adjust the weights accordingly.
230 2sets5
240 2sets5
250 2sets5
260 2sets3
270 2sets3
280 2sets3
290 2sets2
300 2sets2
310 2sets1
320 1set1
330 1set1

That is pretty much coans progressive overload program. There are many tweaks that can be made, if ran longer you can start with 10s and work your way down from there as well.


i ran that as a beginner. i had a 385 dead at the start and plugged in 415 as my goal. i failed several top lifts, especially at week 8. at the end i pulled 429.

i would highly recommend being very conservative on the goal and i get you will get much higher when its done. and be prepared to shit yourself from the strain.


Does anyone have experience running Coan-Phillipi for sumo? Would you need to change around the assistance exercises?


Just finished a cycle with sumo. Went from 485 to a pretty easy 525.

Assistance is assistance, not vital and I didn't change it around. I did wide stance sldl's and good mornings and made the assistance weights very conservative.