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Coan Phillipi Deadlift Peaking for Competition, Week 10?


I was planning to use the Coan Phillipi deadlift program to peak my deadlifts for a meet.

On all the information I can find it says week 10 is 100% x1, yet you are supposed to have a meet on week 11.

are you supposed to go to 100% on week 10 and then go more the next week? Could week 10 be the meet week since you are using a projected max?



When I used it before a meet, I don’t think I took it 100%, I did singles that were heavy but not all out, and I would make sure to keep it far enough way from meet day. Good luck!


I’m sure when I read about it you were supposed to take a deload in week 11.


You guys do know that Coan says he didn’t write the program right?



It is effective and has been shown time and time again to work.

I was just using the standardized name that people know it by.

I don’t care if it was written by a no named nobody…the results don’t lie