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Coan Deadlift Program

Read rave reviews about it and would like to give it a try.

Is it for more advanced trainees? Currently my DL is only 150+kg(330+lb) and I want to get closer to 4 plates as soon as possible.

Should I attempt this routine?

Are you Coan? If not, I’d figure out what works for you.

I think you would benefit most from just deadlifting and squating HEAVY going for more reps or more weight every workout.

Save that program for when progress isnt so easy.

[quote]detazathoth wrote:
Are you Coan? If not, I’d figure out what works for you.[/quote]

You do realise Ed Coan didn’t write the program for himself right? It was written by Ed for Mark Phillipi. So one wouldn’t have to be Coan to attempt it.

Regardless of that there alot of people out there who can attest to how well this program works.

Surely the best way to figure out “what works for you” is to try something and see if it works…? I thought if that was your belief you woulda advised him to give the program a try.

Personally I know 2 people who have used it to very good effect, and there’s a lot of people online who’ll say the same.

To Hanley’s point, one of the best things a routine like this can provide for a novice lifter is a plan and structure.

I would give it a shot. Just be relatively conservative your first time through.

Try it. See what you liked or didn’t like about the program and the results. You will eventually narrow down what works for you and what does not.

My buddy and I are trying it right now, the numbers I plugged in for me were set to take me from 465-530 and my buddy was going from mid 300’s (don’t remember where at) to 405+, so FAR… its working for both of us, we are in week 7 and I just pulled 475 for two and I believe my friend just pulled 385 for two, he is also much taller than me and somewhat lanky-er (hes got some muscle but it appears less with his height)

so I would say: yes it works even for people with lower deadlifts (300’s) and yes it will work if you are tall and kinda skinny, not short and stubby like me and coan. Give it a shot, the one thing I will tell you is it is freaking hard, there is not one week that goes by that I am not sore and freaking tired from it, you don’t ever really get used to it.

I’m in the middle of it, and I like the loading parameters on the ME deadlift days, but I think the assistance stuff should be taken with a grain of salt.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t have assistance work during your weekly program if you want to boost your deadlift, I’m just saying that having that combining the hamstring/back work into one day like that was counter-productive for me. Especially within the confines of having a Westside-like training schedule that has ME/DE days for both upper and lower body.
I also found that, because I’m weakest off the floor on DLs, goodmornings/RDLs are not so great for strength building my deadlift, so I’ve decided to work low, narrow box squats and deadlifts from a deficit for starting speed.
Basically, know your weaknesses before starting the program. My hip extension and back are very strong relative to my starting position in the DL, so i concluded that the assistance day wasn’t worth it for me. Like I said, the basic idea and ME loading parameters are great in my opinion.

[quote]Hanley wrote:

Surely the best way to figure out “what works for you” is to try something and see if it works…?

AMEN. If everyone on the internet adopted this attitude, the number of posts on this forum would drop by 90% and there would be a lot more strong people in the world.