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Coaching Task?


i have been given a coaching task at college where i have to carry out analysis of two performers and their techniques and equipment used.

It has to be done by making a 8 week plan to improve both performers and how i can improve them.

i want it to be from a strength point of view so i was thinking of doing an olympic lifter and maybe someone else.

any good ideas for two people to analyse?


Do you have a background in OL? Because otherwise I don't know how you are going to improve their performance.


I totally agree with this post. You'll need special background for something that technique driven. I'd say pick someone like a thrower or a football lineman. Strength and power.


Honestly, don't pick an athlete that is in the business of being strong. That'd take an elite level coach. Pick a sport that could use improvements in strength that could probably be solved with a simple MWF Squat, Bench, Row type routine.

Do not; Powerlifter, Oly Lifter, Strongman.

Do; Golfer, Swimmer, Baseball, Basketball etc.

If you need help, PM me.


thanks for that. some good ideas there.

At the minute my idea is a rugby player and an olympic Rower. I just picked the rower because no one else is doing it and its a sport that would be interesting to research.


Depends on the level of challenge you want. How much of an impact will this have on the athlete? Will they be implementing your suggestions, or is it a mental exercise?

Rugby and rowing would be fun to be sure, but don't let that discourage you from picking one "pure" strength athlete. I know a lot of powerlifters and strongmen who could use some good advice.

Maybe not in Ireland though. Although helping Glenn Ross improve performance would be pretty easy...