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Any thoughts on bringing in new coaches/trainers that would be more active? And taking certain ones away.
Maybe someone a little unknown, but with a Dan John philosophy :blush:

This seems kind of back-handed.

I for one would be very happy to experience a one-off Q&A opportunity with some of the coaches that used to have their own sub-forum. Not that I have any super-interesting questions of my own, but I’d imagine it’d create a rather vibrant event. It’s not too unlikely I’d even be asleep during it anyway…

Fortunately, a lot of the coaches can be found elsewhere if necessary. It’s quite an ask to maintain a sub-forum I’d imagine. And, the more a coach engages the hungrier we seem to be.

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It wasn’t meant to be backhanded, all your points are valid.
The reason I say someone unknown is that they might be a bit more eager to engage.