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Coaching Lessons to Become Proficient?


Hey guys I am looking at starting to do some olympic lifting. I have ordered a cheap 13mm belt and some power perfect oly shoes.

I am hoping to get some private sessions from olympic sports gym from mark clegg.

I was wondering how many sessions were generally required for a basic proficiency in the lifts. I understand this will somewhat vary person to person.

Also, this probably a long shot but has anyone used the facilities at Salford university? Is it only open to students or is it a pay as situation? I have heard they have brand new platforms.

Thanks fellas!




Your questions about proficiency are very individual so I won't comment.

All I want to say is Mark Clegg is/was a fantastic lifter so you should jump at the opportunity to be taught by him. Do exactly what he tells you to do and I'm sure you will make fantastic progress.


Fully agreed. I lifted with him when we competed in France in 2007 or 2008?

I'd say at least 15-50hrs with a coach but it's a very individual thing. Some lifters take to lifting much better than others. If you have mobility issues that will be a huge issue to work through. If you don't then that will make learning the lifts much faster.



I have some mobility issues, definitely. I mainly have ankle immobility and what feels like an impingement on my left shoulder, when I raise my arm laterally palm up something clicks in place in what feels like my rear delt.

I've found a site called mobility wod by a fella named Kelly starrett. I've put together a morning mobility session using a lacrosse ball, bands etc.

Have you any experience living in manchester Koing? Do you know of many places here that have platforms? I've browsed on the sugden forum and some people have said olympic sports gym isn't geared for the O lifts because it's on the fourth floor of a mill.


I'd ask Mark about oly gyms in Manchester. There is Crossfit Manchester. Don't be put off by the crossfit name, the guys there have been entering a decent team in to the British for years.

I'm in Surrey and have about 8 Oly gyms within 10-60mins of my house lol.

Surrey Sports Park
Brunel Uni
St Marys
Physical Culture - Putney
Crystal Palace



Cheers matey.

I've got in touch with him via email inquiring about coaching, no reply as of yet.

In the meantime I am just going to run SS.


Pop down and speak to him.