Coaches Salary?

Hey everyone
I was just wondering what kind of money do you guys think (or know) the well -known coaches and trainers whose articles we’ve all read and so on (ex: the Thibaudeaus, Cresseys, Defrancos, Cosgroves of the world) are making? Including everything from trang to the passive income? I’d imagine these guys are doing quite well and probably deservedly so.

Well, I have no idea how much anyone makes, but they aren’t paid a salary unless they’re employed by an athlete or organization. Coaches/authors are basically entrepreneurs, so their incomes are probably highly variable.

Well, if you run a class, then you can make major bank. My plan is to make up to 200 dollars an hour within the next year running a Boot Camp at the gym I work for. That sounds like a lot, but is completely realistic.
Training alone makes me 35 dollars for 45 minutes of work, so if they have a full client list and are training for 5 or more hours a day, you can be they make a couple hundred dollars a day or more.