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Coaches/Athletes You'd Like to See Write for T-Nation?

T-Nation is perhaps the most consistent when it comes to churning out quality strength sports articles online.

If I could see five previously unpublished (here on T-Nation) people write for T-Nation, they’d be the follows:

  1. Matt Kroc - probably on the mental aspects of lifting; guy frequents Elite, so TC can probably hook us up
  2. Kelly Baggett - on speed/agility training
  3. GSP - we sponsor him, and besides, we had an interview with Bas so why not GSP?
  4. Mark Rippetoe - I’d like to see him troubleshoot the SQ and the OHP, program progression as well probably
  5. Ross Enamait - how to integrate a conditioning/calisthenics routine with conventional lifting

Honorable mention goes to Hanley on a diatribe of why equipped lifting has its merits.

Who’d you like to see write on T-Nation?