Coaches Around Columbus?

Hey, I’m looking to get into bodybuilding more and looking to really improve my physique through a coach of some sort. I was wondering if there were any reputable coaches around Columbus that I could contact. A couple things that are fairly relevant to this post are the fact that I am in college, specifically at Ohio State and thus am sort of limited in terms of food availability, particularly tracking calories, and I’m not made of money. That being said, I’m not poor so I can pay, it’s just that I can’t pay a TON, I will make good choices food wise, and I am very dedicated to whatever programs I do, and I make sure I make it to the gym every time I have to. Thanks in advance!

John Meadows is (or at least was) in Columbus. He may be able to help and/or point you in the right direction.

Is there anyone else? Meadows looks kind of out of my financial reach