Coach, Your Experience with Real Hardgainers?

hello Coach,
I will skip all the compliments to your work and especially to you as a person, only because it would get too long and you won’t read my post :slight_smile:
Just please know, that there are really lot of people who follow your work and respect you but not neceserally write around.

I know you mostly train top athletes, but I understood you deal with regular people also.
What is your xperience with hardgainers? And I don’t mean usual skinny young guys who claim to eat a lot but in reality they don’t, neither people whose core lift is dumbbel curl.
I mean thin and tall people, small wrists and ankles who do gain weight, but really slight amount (or none) of muscle when dieting down. And I mean people who have decent base of strength in big lifts.
Common advice would be to work harder with more intensity and more volume, but since I tried it with lack of decent results, and since I’ve red an article from Greg Nuckols that suggests that in certain people inflammatory response to training may be magnified which inhibit hypertrophy, so strategy to decrease volume and intensity may be wise?

(I am talking only about muscle hardgainers here, not strenght).

I am interested to know what is your general experience with this kind of lifters, and how to help them.
Thank you and please sorry for my english as it is not my first language.